Welcome to LUMAX - the lighter side of life

LUMAX is a thriving Polish brand of LED lighting. From the very beginning we put great emphasis on the quality of the products sold. Our products contain chips made only by the world's leading LED manufacturers. All products meet strict quality requirements in accordance with the directives of the European Union, which guarantees the ability to use our products for many years. Our goal is to meet the most demanding needs of the client, as well as care for the environment


We specialize in manufacturing lighting based on LED technology. Our offer includes i.a. bulbs for commercial applications, panels LED, downlight luminaires to illuminate streets and parking lots, industrial fixtures, and many others. LUMAX latest product catalogue, you can see here. With years of experience in the lighting industry and a great relationships with suppliers, Lumax brand products have excellent quality at an affordable price.

In order to meet the needs of a wider group of customers who are looking for good quality product at a lower price, respectively, we created a brand HEDA. This is a brand created for a selected group of products that stand out in the market value for money. HEDA catalogue for download here

From this year, we have introduced to offer the highest quality fixtures based on LED sources CITIZEN. These products are made to order for the specific needs of the customer, and their quality will satisfy the most demanding tastes of the customer . A special directory that was created in response to your needs, can be downloaded here.


We are on the Polish market since 1998, from the start putting on the consistent development of energy efficient light sources with a focus on LED technology, offering environmentally friendly lighting in many interesting ways. In doing so, we rely on technological development through cooperation with research centers , while placing emphasis on respect for the environment. We want to go beyond business goals. We believe that as a modern company, we are socially responsible for the care of our planet, the environment and people.

Knowledge of the field of lighting design and practical application of lighting standards, allows us to offer solutions that generate savings of 80% on the electricity bill. Savings resulting from the difference on the installed power and a smaller number of cycles relamping light sources/fixtures.