LS501S Set: LED stip, motion sensor, power supply

LS501S Set: LED stip, motion sensor, power supply View larger

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Set: LED stip lenght 1,2m, motion and twilight sensor and power supply.

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LUMAX LED strip sets find many uses and applications. We offer LS501S single set containing 1,2m strip ( chips SMD2835 with
double-sided adhesive tape and silicone coating), twilight motion detector with ability to dim and adjust the time, power supply (driver) and components to facilitate installation and organization of wires. The LS502S double kit includes one more strip and detector, so can be mounted on a double bed and each side will light up independently.


  • Neatly packaged blister kid
  • Easy to install and use
  • Adjustable time and intensity of light
  • The sensor recognizes twilight and does not operate when it is day light
  • A multitude of possible applications

USAGE: beds, wardrobes, shelves, bookcases, desks, etc.


  • LS501S LS502S - karta
  • LS501S LS502S - manual

Basic data:

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