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LFL210 LED Floodlight Galaxi

Klasa energetyczna
LFL210 LED Floodlight Galaxi
LFL210 LED Floodlight Galaxi
LFL210 LED Floodlight Galaxi
LFL210 LED Floodlight Galaxi
Basic parameters
Model: LFL210
Bar code: 5901087207779

10W, 1000lm, 4000K, IP65

LED fl oodlights Galaxi by Lumax are ideal replacements for energyintensive conventional luminaires. Compared to halogen fi xtures, they offer to much more lifetime and more than 85% savings. The Galaxi series with sensor is a range from 10W up to 200W fl oodlights available in natural and cold light color.
High luminous effi ciency - up to 85% energy savings. Each LED chips is equipped with lens. Solid performance. Sensor adjustment: sensitivity, time, light. Sensor characteristic: Sensitivity: 8m max Time: hold on time 13s - 420s Lux: adjustable daylight sensor from 10lx up to 2000lx. Detection angle is 120°
Lifespan up to 25 000h. Warm and cold light color. Aesthetic design.
Squares, garages, billboards, passages, places in front of the entrances to the buildings Data sheet LFL210 CE certificate LFL210


Type: Galaxi
Wattage: 10W
Luminous flux: 1000lm
Color temperature: 4000K
CRI: >80
Beam angle: 90°
Voltage: 185-265V
Dimensions: 107x84x16 mm
IP: IP65
on/off: >30 000
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