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LOR4060RIM Frame LED panel RIM

Klasa energetyczna
LOR4060RIM Frame LED panel RIM
LOR4060RIM Frame LED panel RIM
LOR4060RIM Frame LED panel RIM
Basic parameters
Model: LOR4060RIM
Bar code: 5907377252382

40W, 4000lm, 4000K, IP40

The LED RIM Panel fixture is an innovative alternative on classic LED luminaires installed in the Armstrong ceiling panels. The package contains four frames, four corners and a driver. The mounting is easy and fast, and the space in the center of the fixture takes coffer. This type of solution allows you to reduce transport costs, because the cardboard box with the binding takes up many times less space compared to classic panels.
High luminous efficacy - up to 50% energy savings. The corners of the luminaires do not shine, so that there are no luminous clearance. Small size - lower transport costs.
Natural light color, high color rendering index. Easy and quick mounting. Aesthetic performance. Working temperature from -20° to 40°.
Corridors, offices, archives, hotels, staircases,technical rooms. CE certificate LOR4060RIM


Type: Rim
Wattage: 40W
Luminous flux: 4000lm
Color temperature: 4000K
CRI: >80
Beam angle: 110°
Voltage: 220-240V
Dimensions: 600x600x10 mm
IP: IP40
on/off: >25 000
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